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The Conley Group, Inc. is a leader in business security. We offer services to private companies, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies who are seeking solutions to risk management situations. There are a plethora of laws, regulations, standards and guidelines that involve the protection of people, property and information. A security failure can cause the loss of life, the loss of an organization’s reputation, and, in some cases, the very existence of an organization. This is why it is critical for all organizations to have adequate security and risk management measures in place. Our consulting and expert witness services addresses these issues and more

Our consulting services are utilized by corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies that want to better protect their people, property and information and reduce their liability exposure. We typically focus on helping organizations in the areas of operational efficiency, security and risk management, risk analysis, the protection of proprietary information, workplace violence prevention and response, business continuity planning and disaster preparedness, threat analysis and other specialized problem areas. We can also assist organizations with strategically managing a wide array of threats and risks.

When security has already failed, we can provide expert witness services to attorneys for security related matters. We are typically retained as experts in the areas of security and risk management and are tasked with determining if generally accepted professional security standards, guidelines and practices were followed in a particular case. Most of our expert witness work involves accusations of negligence and involves us making a determination if standards of due care were or were not met or maintained by a responsible party.

Our various consulting services are as follows:

General Consulting

  • Crisis Management/Disaster Preparedness/Business Resumption Plans
  • Proprietary Information Security
  • Threat Analysis and Security Surveys/Strategic Security Planning
  • Workplace Violence


  • Overview
  • Undercover
  • Executive Protection

Crisis Management, Disaster Preparedness and Business Resumption Plans

Safeguarding your business involves maintaining and rehearsing a strategy to deal with unforeseeable events. The Conley Group, Inc. can help your business plan for a crisis with the following topics offered as part of Crisis Management services:

  • Contingency Planning
  • Develop/Train Crisis Team
  • Benchmark Program Best Practices
  • Simulation Exercises
  • Post Event Analysis

An important means of safeguarding your business involves maintaining and rehearsing a strategy to deal with unforeseeable events. The Conley Group, Inc. can help your business plan for disasters with the following topics offered as part of Disaster Preparedness/Business Resumption Plans services:

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Resumption Plans
  • Automated Process
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Resumption
  • Recovery
  • Restoration

Proprietary Information Security

The Conley Group, Inc. Consulting Services include services involving Proprietary Information Security. These services offer consulting for:

  • Control of Computer Access
  • Listening Devices
  • Network Information Access
  • Document Control/Proprietary Information Classification

Threat Analysis, Security Surveys and Strategic Security Planning

As part of The Conley Group, Inc. Consulting Services, Threat Analysis and Security Surveys provides consulting for the following:

  • Formal Review Process
  • Assessment of Risks/Threats
  • Analysis of Business Safeguards
  • Physical Security Evaluation
  • Information & Network Security
  • Personnel Security Practices
  • Long Term Security Planning
  • Security Financial Measurements
  • Mitigating Recommendations

In order to safeguard your business, you need to start with a master plan. Strategic Security Planning services, part of The Conley Group, Inc. Consulting Services can provide you with consulting services to develop a master plan and all the elements that go with it such as:

  • Total Quality Management
  • Security Measurements
  • Risk/Threat Assessment
  • Cultural Matching
  • Integrated Programs
  • Balancing Manpower, Technology and Safeguards
  • Corporate Strategic Security Plan

Workplace Violence

As part of The Conley Group, Inc. Consulting Services, the Workplace Violence Programs provide organizations and businesses with information regarding:

  • Security Assessment
  • Corporate Policy and Plan
  • Awareness/Training
  • Incident Review Team Reporting Programs
  • Threat Management
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