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Employment Guide

Thank you for taking your valuable time to consider our organization as your potential career employment choice. While we have several customer service offerings, providing professional security services to our array of clients comprises the majority of our business operations. Thus, this informational guide focuses primarily on our professional security services operations. We hope this brief overview will give you a good idea of what our organization is about, our requirements for employment, and why you should seriously consider us as your career employment choice. If, after reviewing this information, you wish to proceed with the employment process, we encourage you to apply online or in-person for any job openings we may have available.

Company Background

Tom M. Conley is the President & C.E.O. of The Conley Group, Inc. His nearly forty years in executive security leadership, senior military and command-level police positions has provided him with the knowledge of, and commitment to, providing only professional security services to business and government entities who require a high degree of security officer skill and organizational competency. We have achieved that and much more. People who join us are the best of the best because they are highly committed professionals and want to be a part of a highly capable team of likeminded individuals. Our security officers are not traditional security guards, nor does our organization provide a traditional guard type of service. If your objective is to become a traditional security guard, then please do not submit an employment application to our company. However, if you are a committed professional we are likely a great job match for you. Although not required, military Veterans and those who have prior law enforcement experience are comfortable working in our organization. Our professional security officers are highly-qualified and professionally-certified experts that consistently perform far above common guard standards. Currently, we are the only bona fide provider of professional security services in Iowa.

Company Background

Because The Conley Group, Inc. is organized and operates like a private law enforcement agency, we have a paramilitary ranking system. This system not only helps keep everything well organized, but it provides for a clear path of upward mobility for our personnel. We also always promote from within whenever possible. Our ranks, in order from entry level to the most senior, are:

  • Security Officer IIP (provisional)
  • Security Officer II
  • Security Officer I
  • Senior Security Officer
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Command Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Assistant Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Chief

Why You Should Consider Us

The real opportunity for promotion is a cornerstone of our organization. With a typical minimum-wage guard company, there are two fundamental levels of employees: guards and managers. Managers are normally hired from outside the company to sell and manage accounts and personnel, while the guards are left with low pay, no benefits, no training and worst of all, no support or the slightest opportunity for promotion. As a result, the only thing you really get is a substandard wage with no chance for a career. We understand that even the newest security officer must have a real opportunity for a career and advancement. Otherwise, there is no reason to permanently stay with a job and commit to the organization.

Employment Requirements & Hiring Process

Like many organizations, we have developed minimum standards for employment at this company. The general qualifications for employment are:

  • Be at least 19 years of age.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Own and / or have readily available for use a licensed and insured working vehicle.
  • Have a working telephone (landline or cellphone).
  • Have earned a high school diploma or GED.
  • Be fully physically qualified and emotionally able to perform the job functions of a security professional in all job assignments.
  • Have never been convicted of a serious misdemeanor or felony crime, in any state or any other country in the world.
  • Have never ever been convicted of domestic abuse or of any crime that resulted from domestic abuse in any country or state.
  • Have a good credit rating.
  • Agree to adhere to all company rules and regulations, policies and guidelines.
  • Consent to a thorough background investigation.
  • Be able to work any shift your assigned (full time applicants are required to be available to work any days and hours assigned).
  • Be of good moral character and exhibit responsible behavior at all times.
  • Not use any type of tobacco products while on duty or while in a company uniform.
  • Possess good written and oral communications skills.
  • Be able to successfully operate in a highly structured, paramilitary environment.
  • Successfully complete a series of employment assessments.
  • Not be bound by any legal non-competition or non-disclosure agreement that would prohibit employment.
  • If hired, successfully complete the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) certification program within the first three months of employment.

These are the entry level requirements that must be met to be considered for employment at The Conley Group, Inc. If you meet these general requirements for employment, and are interested in being considered, the following is a general overview of the employment process:

  • Complete our employment application and information release.
  • Complete an interview with a supervisor.
  • Complete a written pre-employment occupational assessment tool.

If you meet the qualifications for employment and successfully complete the in-person interview(s), and your background investigation and the results of your occupational assessments are within standards, we may make a contingent job offer to you based on the completion of the initial training and orientation module. If you are selected, you will start your career by completing the initial training and orientation module. During this period, we will provide you with the basic skills and training you will need to successfully perform the job of a security officer. This process to qualify you for employment usually takes three days to complete. Upon your successful completion of the initial training and orientation module, you will be officially hired.

What's Next?

After successfully completing your initial training and uniforming process, you will be assigned to an account. Within three months of your initial training and orientation completion date, you will be required to complete the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) program and become certified as a CPO. The CPO program is a correspondence (self and group study) course which contains material covering 32 functional areas of private security. The CPO certification for security is the global standard for line level security officers. It has been compared to what the law enforcement academy certification is for public peace officers. The Conley Group, Inc. pays for this certification program provided you remain employed for at least one year. Once certified as a CPO, you have to re-certify every two years. More information about the CPO certification can be found at

Your next step is to work hard and perform at a competency level which indicates you can be removed from provisional status. When that occurs, your status will be transitioned from Security Officer IIP to a Security Officer II. After that, you can be promoted to Security Officer I and perhaps to Senior Security Officer. Promotions always entail more responsibility and result in more pay. You will also be able to compete for supervisory and managerial openings when they are available.

For information about employment opportunities, please visit the Open Positions and / or complete an on-line application by clicking the “Submit an Application” link. You can also apply in-person at our office during regular business days from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00. Our office address is 2867 104th Street in Urbandale.

Again, thank you for your time and consideration.

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