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The concept of mobile patrol security entails armed and specially-trained security officers in a patrol vehicle providing professional security services to a group of customers. Although all our security programs are tailored to the exact needs and risks of the customer, patrol officers typically will conduct on-site security inspections at several customer locations throughout a shift. On average, patrol officers actively tour customer locations between three and four times per night and between the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., seven nights per week, and 24 hours per day on weekends and on all holidays. Mobile patrol security service can involve patrol officers checking the exterior of buildings and the property only, or it can include patrol officers conducting a combination of exterior as well as interior security inspections while on site. Patrol officers can also respond to any alarm calls as a part of the mobile patrol security service

Patrol inspections occur at inconsistent times so as to not develop a pattern of when patrol officers conduct the on-site security inspections. This timetable of being unpredictable helps keep would-be criminals off balance. Not only can most crime and other adverse incidences be prevented by employing a professional mobile patrol security program, but mobile patrol officers will respond and react to situations that may occur on a customer’s property. And, they will remain on site until the matter is resolved. Situations can run the gamut from storm damage, to fire and even threats of workplace violence. Since patrol officers are already familiar with every customer location and have direct radio communications with all our public safety partners, a response to any emergency situation at a customer location has a very high probability of having as positive outcome as is possible.

While mobile patrol officers are not continually on-site at any one particular customer location, this service is nonetheless highly effective at preventing burglaries, vandalism and sabotage, fires and thefts, as well as to discourage would-be criminals before they have the opportunity to cost our customers money and grief. Because having mobile patrol security is a fractional (shared) service, it is also very cost effective. In fact, our mobile patrol security service is so effective that we have actually replaced many profit-robbing, on-site traditional guard programs with our mobile patrol service. This change from an on-site traditional guard program to our mobile patrol security service has increased the security effectiveness of our customers’ security programs and saved them money at the same time.

All security officers who work in a mobile patrol capacity are well-trained and professionally-certified experts. Additionally, they are furnished with public safety grade vehicles and equipment. This combination of assigning professional security officers to patrol duties along with the best equipment to work with, results in our customers receiving a highly reliable and decidedly effective security force that can prevent many crimes from ever occurring and react immediately and effectively to any incidents that may occur.

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