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On-Site Unarmed Security

NOTICE: If you are a current user of security services, or if you are considering obtaining security services, please take a few brief moments to also read the On-Site Armed Security section. Although you may not be actively seeking armed security services at this point, reviewing this section may be one of the best investments of your time you have ever made.


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All of The Conley Group’s physical security services enjoy the well-deserved reputation of being the “best in class” in private security. We provide professional security services to a wide range of corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies that are committed to the safety and security of their people, property and information and want to reduce their liability exposure.

Our typical customer takes their security seriously and is open-minded to considering different approaches to their security program. They are seeking a metrics-oriented security services partner with an array of subject matter expertise and robust capabilities as opposed to a guard “vendor.” In addition to their commitment to protecting their people, property and information, they demand competency from their security services partner at all levels. They are pleased we are not a traditional guard type of company. They recognize our professional security officers are highly-qualified and professionally-certified experts that consistently perform far above standards. Most of all, they have complete confidence in our security program because it not only works, but it maximizes their efficiency and effectiveness while mitigating substantial risk. This results in a well-run, no-grief security program that also maximizes their return on investment. They also want to manage a contract and not have the grief of having to deal with day to day guard problems their guard company should be handling.

We have helped many organizations solve their security safety, risk management problems and security concerns. Our primary focus is life safety, crime prevention, liability exposure, property losses, workplace violence prevention and response, disaster planning and response, employee safety, and preventing OSHA violations. Unlike traditional guards that have little or no training, our professional security officers must meet rigorous employment and training standards. Once basic training is completed, they must then complete the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) certification program. The CPO certification is the accepted international professional standard for security officer certification. Sadly, Iowa State law pertaining to state-licensed security fails to require security personnel to complete ANY training. In contrast, not only are all Conley Group security officers required to become certified as a CPO, but all security supervisors and managers must earn advanced professional certifications in addition to the CPO certification. The fact is that The Conley Group is the only security services organization in Iowa that requires specialized training and professional certification. What this means to our customers is not only can they count on our security officers to handle routine tasks well, but they can also depend on us to respond immediately and appropriately to emergency situations. Irrespective if a security officer is armed or unarmed, The Conley Group also has a variety of uniform choices available for their security officers to wear. These choices range from the traditional dark blue “police style” uniform to a blue blazer and slacks (business uniform) to a blue BDU (a fatigue style uniform typically worn by the U.S. Armed Forces) uniform for wear in industrial or harsh environments. In fact, we even have a polo shirt uniform for casual environments. Whatever security officer uniform is worn, our objective it to always match the prescribed security officer uniform to the customer’s environment.

If the safety and security of your people, property and information is important to you, if you are committed to quality, and if you are seeking a professional and highly capable security service partner versus a traditional guard type of program, then we may be a great fit for you. If you are interested in increasing your security effectiveness and saving money at the same time, please contact us today.

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