The Conley Group, Inc.

Company Overview

The Conley Group, Inc. is a privately-held organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. Our headquarters is located at 2867 104th Street in Urbandale Iowa (a suburb of Des Moines).

The company was founded and is led by Tom M. Conley. Mr. Conley is a widely-recognized professional and a security and risk management expert who has nearly 40 years in the protective business. He is a former police captain and is a senior commissioned officer in the United States Navy where he has served in a number of law enforcement, criminal investigation and information security leadership positions. He has earned three university degrees and holds 11 professional certifications. He also serves the State of Iowa as a Commissioner on the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. More information about Mr. Conley is located under the President's Biography section.

While providing professional security services to an array of clients in Iowa comprises the majority of our business operations, we have several customer service offerings that range in scope from local to global. All our service offerings are detailed in the Services section of this website. Irrespective of the particular service or service package we may provide to a client, our team is highly committed to honesty, quality and integrity in all relationships.

Our typical customer genuinely takes their security seriously and is open-minded to considering different and superior approaches to their security program. They are firmly committed to protecting their people, property and information, and they demand competency from their security services partner at all levels. They are pleased we are not a traditional guard type of service and understand our professional security officers are highly-qualified and professionally-certified experts that consistently perform far above common guard standards. Most of all, they like our security program because it maximizes efficiency and effectiveness while mitigating substantial risk that results in a well-run security program that also provides them with a true return on their investment.

10554 Justin Drive | Des Moines, Iowa 50322 | (515) 277-7437 or (800) 383-6813

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