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NOTICE:If you are a current user of security services, or if you are considering obtaining security services, please take a few brief moments to read this section in its entirety. Doing so may be one of the best investments of your time you have ever made.


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The Conley GroupThere are two primary myths involving armed security officers. The first myth is having armed security officers on site increases an organization’s liability because the security officer might act irresponsibly and shoot someone in the process. The second myth is that organizations do not need to have armed security officers on site because the police can be called if a criminal event were to occur and they will take care of any problems. Both these falsehoods have been perpetuated by Hollywood movies as well as the media. While it is true that no organization wants an untrained and unqualified traditional guard with a gun, such as the type of persons depicted in the aforementioned movies, it is also true that having on-site professional armed security officers, akin to having private police, reduces organizational liability while dramatically increasing employee safety. Myths involving armed security officers are just that: Myths.

Customers that choose to have a professional armed Conley Group security officer on-site do so for one reason: they understand the reality of violence in the world in which we live, and they are firmly committed to protecting themselves and their employees against a deadly force threat. It is really that simple. While our armed security officers conduct a wide range of duties at customer locations the The Conley Groupsame exactly as their unarmed security counterparts do, armed security officers differ greatly from their unarmed security counterparts because they can confront and neutralize active shooters, disgruntled employees with a gun, an estranged spouse of an employee who shows up at the workplace with the intent to harm or kill, or armed criminals who show up at a customer location and are intent on injuring or killing people at that location.

It is natural for people to think they can just call the police if something bad happens or is about to happen. And, that is certainly true. However, it also naïve and can be deadly to believe that law enforcement is always physically capable of being on site in time to actually affect the outcome of an active shooter situation or similar incident. Here’s why: The way law enforcement response works is the agency must first be notified by a party that there is a problem. Once that call is made and the information is taken, a communications operator must then send out an alert to all law enforcement officers who are on duty. Only then do the officers who are on street become aware of the incident or threat. Then, the officers respond to that location as fast as they possibly can and with as many officers as is humanly possible. On average, law enforcement will arrive on scene within a few minutes after the first call is made.

While the commitment and courage of our law enforcement public safety partners is never in question, the reality is there is a natural lag time in police response because they cannot be everywhere at once. There is simply no tax base that supports that type of police coverage. At the same time, the reality is that dynamic events unfold and are often over in seconds, not minutes. This underscores the old adage that states, “When seconds count the police are only minutes away.” What this means for organizations in terms of their safety and security is first, organizational leaders must acknowledge the reality that adequate protective assets must be on site before an incident occurs. Not only does having an armed professional Conley Group security officer on-site either dressed in plain clothes or wearing a traditional uniform give you and your employees a fighting chance should the The Conley Groupunthinkable occur, but having armed security officers on site will, in and of itself, prevent most active shooter and workplace violence events from ever occurring. The reason for this simply boils down to the fact that having an armed security officer on site poses too much risk for a potential shooter. This was never more evident than in the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT where an armed intruder shot and killed twenty children and six adult staff members. The shooter not only knew in advance there was no armed security on site at that school, but he ended his own life when law enforcement arrived on scene. However, he did not do so before slaughtering 26 innocent people – most of which were children. It is not just schools. Most of the same types of active shooter incidences have occurred in businesses. The fact is bad guys are highly adverse to perpetrating a shooting where they may encounter an armed opposing force. Had the Newtown, CT School had armed security, it is highly unlikely that the shooting would have ever occurred because having on site armed security would have posed too much risk to the shooter.

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, who is a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, Army Ranger, West Point psychology professor, and without a doubt the world’s foremost expert on human aggression, violence and active shooters, provided an interview to PoliceOne.Com in 2010 as part of an article titled “Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial. As a part of that article, LTC Grossman stated, “Never call an unarmed man ‘security’,” “Call him ‘run-like-hell-when-the-man-with-the-gun-shows-up’ but never call an unarmed man security.” LTC Grossman clearly understands if adequate protective assets (armed security officers) are not on site before an adverse event occurs, the chances of getting law enforcement assets there in time to affect or alter the outcome is a near impossibility.

The simple truth is most events will be over by the The Conley Grouptime law enforcement is able to arrive. And, one would legitimately have to be unacquainted with the current social realities to actually believe workplace violence or active shooter incident could not occur at their organization. Security requirements have changed because the wide array of internal and external threats has changed. Organizations can count on our professional armed security officers to perform day-to-day security tasks thoroughly as well as always being ready for that one moment of truth that determines if you or your employees will go home (or not) at the end of the workday. We sadly live in an increasingly violent world and that is not likely to change anytime soon. Contact us now so we can help you be prepared should the unthinkable occur at your organization.

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