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For years, end users of security services and systems have been attempting to achieve an adequate level of security with very limited budgets. This shortage of budgetary dollars has frequently forced facilities, owners, and managers to purchase traditional, low level guard programs. Despite their best efforts to make this solution work, the result too often has been operational frustration and high legal liability for owners and managers, as well as their employees and guests.

Until now, owners and managers have not had a viable option that has enabled them to achieve success with their security program without investing budgetary dollars that simply do not exist. Add to that the trends that indicate a future shortage of people, and it is clear that the old way of implementing security will literally not be viable in the future. Fortunately for owners and managers, and their budgets, the rules have changed because the future is here now.

Remote Viewing The Conley Group, Inc., the leader in private security excellence and innovation, is proud to announce the establishment of our Remote Viewing Division. Simply put, Remote Viewing is the ability of a technical specialist in our Remote Viewing Operations CenterSM (RVOC) to have total domain awareness about and influence what is occurring at another location. Grounded in cutting-edge risk management principles, Remote Viewing is a groundbreaking, holistic enterprise security solution invented by the Conley Group that provides customers with complete security and facility management services.

The primary purposes of Remote Viewing are to increase security effectiveness, better manage risk, and to save money. In the context of security and risk management, Remote Viewing is a system that involves a technical operator, whose senses are replicated via the use of electronics at an off-site (remote) location, virtually interacting with both critical and routine systems. It is the complete integration of all telecommunications, computing, visual displays, video cameras, card access, and alarm systems on to computer platforms operating within a multiple screen, virtual desktop environment.

Remote Viewing is a sound budgetary solution for government, organizations and businesses from a small business to the largest multi-national corporation with the most demanding environments. It is also a great solution for many governmental applications. While the specific program investment depends on many factors, including the requirements at a specific location, the Remote Viewing system can save an organization up to 50% on their annual security budget. Additionally, Remote Viewing dramatically increases both the effectiveness and efficiency of a traditional security program. Vast savings are achieved by using a combination of cutting-edge, next generation technology and highly skilled people that form a system that places the right security assets in the right areas and in the right proportions. Using on-site security personnel or electronic security devices alone can be both highly inefficient and ineffective.

The fact is that in many applications, a Remote Viewing program works far better than having an on-site security officer present. And, the cost savings is substantial. It's like having a security officer being everywhere at once and saving a significant amount of your budget at the same time. Being able to be virtually everywhere at the same time is much better than an on-site person who is only able to be one place at any given time.

In addition to the increased level of security and the savings that occur on a day-to-day basis, perhaps one of the strongest cases for instituting a Remote Viewing program can be made when it comes to disaster response and recovery. One of the many strengths of the Remote Viewing system is that the technical operator can literally be everywhere at once. Thus, through early detection and rapid response, the Remote Viewing system provides users with the best chance for disaster prevention or the fastest recovery possible if a disaster does occur.

In many cases, instituting a Remote Viewing program can eliminate or dramatically reduce the dependence and the expense of on-site security officers. Unlike Remote Viewing, no matter how qualified an on-site officer may be, that officer cannot physically be everywhere at once. Again, the Remote Viewing system can be everywhere at once. Also, since the Remote Viewing program involves primarily a capital investment, the majority can be taken as a tax deduction via depreciation. Conversely, there is no depreciation available for the labor costs that normally constitute the majority of an on-site program.

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