The Conley Group, Inc.

A Security Officer Tests for the Required Professional Certification

Security Officer Staffs the Main Desk at a Public Schools Building

Conley Group Officer Checks a Card Access Reader During a Foot Patrol

An Officer Displays His Certified Protection Officer Certificate

Conley Group Officer Watches CCTV Monitors at a Security Center

Security Officers Check Doors During Building Inspections

As a Security Expert Tom Conley is Called on by the Media

All Conley Patrol Cars are Equipped to Public Safety Standards

Tom Conley Instructs a Client Seminar on Workplace Violence

Security Officer Checks a Gate at the Des Moines Airport

Security Officer Checks the Temperature on a Refrigeration Unit

Security Officer Staffs the Security Desk at an Insurance Company

Conley Group Officers Complete Handcuffing Certification

Conley Officers Scan Checkpoints While Conducting Inspections

Conley Group Officers Complete ASP Collapsible Baton Certification

Conley Officers Patrol All 4.5 Miles of the Des Moines Skywalk

An Officer Reviews the Card Access Log at a Command Center

An Armed Security Officer Conducts Foot Patrol

An Armed Security Officer Checks a Door at a University

Answering Client Telephones is a Part of an Officer’s Job

Ensuring Critical Temperatures are “In Control” is Essential

Conley Group Executives Pictured With a Newly-Promoted Supervisor

Conley Group Officer Checks a Temperature at a Chemical Company

Security Expert Tom Conley has Provided Dozens of Media Interviews

A Security Officer Watches the CCTV Monitors at a Security Station

Conley Group Has Public Safety Level Patrol Vehicles

A Conley Officer Scans a Checkpoint While Conducting an Inspection

Security Officer Tickets an Illegally Parked Vehicle at a School

President Tom Conley Speaks at an Annual Lion's Club Banquet

Tom Conley and Iowa Governor Branstad Discuss Policy Issues

A Conley Officer Monitors Employee Traffic at a Business

Conley Group Officers Can Wear Public Safety Type Uniforms

Conley Group Has a Supervisor on Duty at All Times

Conley’s 4WD Vehicles Preserve Service in Winter Conditions

Conley Group Officer in our Business Dress Uniform

Ensuring Cars are Locked During Patrol Inspections is Essential

Patrol Officers Check to Ensure Trucks are Locked

Conley Group’s Incident Command Vehicle is Always Ready

Conley Officer Staffing a Desk Checks In a Visitor

Having Radio Communications is Standard for All Conley Officers

One of the Original Patrol Cars (Circa 1977)

A Security Officer Watches the CCTV Monitors at a Security Desk

A Conley Group Officer Conducts a Security Inspection of a Building

A Conley Group Officer Interacts With an Employee at a Business

A Patrol Officer Check to Ensure a Truck is Locked

Conley Officers Remain Aware When Conducting Foot Patrol

Entire Communities Depend on Conley Security for Their Security

Conley Officer Provides Directions to a Skywalk Visitor

Conley Officer Eyes Suspicious Activity via a CCTV Camera

Conducting Foot Patrol is a Regular Duty for Conley Officers

A Security Officer is Awarded His Professional Certification

Tom Conley Interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America

A Patrol Officer Checks Cars During Patrol at Car Dealerships

President Tom Conley in Front of the Company’s Headquarters

An Officer Checks an Individual’s Identity at the Airport

Tom Conley Delivers a University Commencement Address

Conley Officers Receive a Meritorious Award for Excellence

Two Conley Group Officers Patrol the Des Moines Skywalk

Foot Patrol is a Routine Duty for Conley Group Officers

Security Officer Checks a Truck Seal at an Industrial Plant

Conley Group Officers Complete Anti-terrorism Training

A Soldier and Conley Officer Returns from Deployment to Iraq

Security Patrol Officer Stops to Assist a Stranded Motorist

A Conley Group Officer Provides Dignitary Protective Services

An Armed Conley Group Officer Checks for Any Suspicious Packages

Security Officers Scan Checkpoints When Conducting Inspections

Conley Group Officers Provide Security for the Des Moines Skywalk

The Media Turns to Tom Conley as the Security Expert

Conley Group has an Incident Command Vehicle for Client Disasters

A Supervisor Conducts an Inspection on a Security Officer

Conley Group Officers Provide Presidential Debate Security for NBC

Tom Conley is Asked to Weigh in on Public Policy Issues

Welcome to The Conley Group, Inc. and thank you for visiting our website! From the core professional security services we provide to an array of clients to our revolutionary Remote ViewingSM  total security solution, we provide a diverse range of service offerings. While all our service offerings are detailed in the Services section of this website, highlights of a few services we provide are listed below. We hope you enjoy your tour.

The Conley Group’s security service offerings include On-Site Armed Security ServicesOn-Site Unarmed Security ServicesMobile Patrol Security and Alarm Response Service. Our company enjoys the well-deserved reputation of being the “best in class” in private security. Unlike traditional guards that have little or no training, our security officers must meet rigorous employment and training standards, and must complete the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) certification program or they are not retained. In contrast, Iowa Law fails to require State-licensed security personnel to complete ANY training whatsoever. The fact is that The Conley Group is the only security services organization in Iowa that requires specialized training and professional certification for all its personnel.

Our Remote Viewing solution is a revolutionary and total security solution with the potential to save customers up to 50% on their annual security budget and increase their level of security effectiveness at the same time. Simply put, Remote Viewing is the ability of a technical specialist in our Remote Viewing Operation CenterSM (RVOC) to achieve and maintain total domain awareness at customer locations. That is to say, Remote Viewing technical operators can be virtually everywhere at once. Grounded in cutting-edge risk management principles, Remote Viewing is a groundbreaking, holistic enterprise security solution invented by The Conley Group, Inc. that provides customers with complete security and facility management services. While there are many uses for Remote Viewing, its primary function is to replace ineffective and inefficient traditional guards posted at facilities. Remote Viewing is so advanced and sophisticated that it seamlessly manages all important security functions at customer locations such as card access, CCTV, facility sensory alarms, HVAC controls and much more.

The professional Investigative Services we focus on provide our clients with responsive and reliable investigation products to assist them in dealing with a multitude of legal and ethical issues. Many of our clients have used our services for help in dealing with a number of employee-related problems and issues. The solutions we provide include us placing a covert agent in the customer's workforce as an employee to uncover employee theft, employee drug use and drug dealing, to conduct supervisory audits, workplace safety violations, and to uncover other profit-robbing activities that can and do occur in the workplace.

There are a plethora of laws, regulations, standards and guidelines that involve the protection of people, property and information. This is why it is critical for all organizations to have adequate security and risk management measures in place. Our Consulting Services address these issues and more. A security failure can cause the loss of life, the loss of an organization’s reputation, and, in some cases, the very existence of an organization. Our Consulting Services are utilized by corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies that want to better protect their people, property and information and reduce their liability exposure.  When security has already failed, we can provide expert witness services to attorneys for security related matters.

Again, thank you for visiting our web site. If you need further information or have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know. Please come back often!

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