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As electronic alarm systems have become more commonplace, so has the need for the response alarms when they activate. Our company has provided alarm response services for many years and currently performs a significant number of alarm response calls per week for residential customers as well as for businesses.

When we are notified of alarm activation by an alarm company’s central station, our patrol officers respond to the location of the alarm activation right away. If the activation is a burglary alarm, upon arrival, our patrol officers will first check the exterior of the structure for any sign of forced-entry. If none is discovered, the patrol officers will then enter the structure and “clear” it to ensure there is no one hiding in the structure. Once the inside of the building has been cleared for intruders, a patrol officer will ensure all doors and windows are locked and reset the alarm system. Conversely, if our patrol officer discovers signs of forced-entry to the structure upon arrival, other Conley Group patrol officers and law enforcement will be notified. When everyone arrives on scene and is assembled, Conley Group patrol officers and law enforcement will enter the structure in a tactical manner together and “clear” it as a team. Irrespective of if the alarm is valid or a “false” alarm, the responding patrol officer will write a case incident report (CIR), and that CIR will be forwarded to the customer the next business day. Naturally, if there is a reason for the patrol officer to immediately notify the customer of a situation, the patrol officer will ensure that customer notification is made.

Even though we have offered alarm response services for many years now, the demand for this service has dramatically increased over the past few years. We have a voluminous level of customer agreements for alarm response and we expect that number to continue climbing in the coming months and years. The reason for the dramatic increase in our alarm response service is because business and homeowners are finding themselves in a position where public safety agencies either will not respond to alarm calls or those agencies that do respond have a significantly delayed response time to alarm calls. And, when public safety agencies do respond to alarms, far more times than not, the end user ends up getting a hefty fine for that service. The simple truth is that public safety agency budgets are being cut at a time when the demand for services has never been higher. It is an inevitable national trend that professional private security agencies will be the ones who will conduct alarm response services now and in the future. The professional quality of our service and the robust capabilities our security officers possess make us a natural and unique fit to provide public safety level alarm response services

It’s never a good idea to trust your safety and security to unarmed, untrained and unqualified traditional guards. There is simply too much at stake for mistakes. Instead, when your home or business alarm activates, you can depend on The Conley Group to respond quickly and handle that response professionally. We are always ready.

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